Due to a recent security breach, our server have automatically taken immediate action and shut down. This is a precautionary action taken automatically whenever a serious attempt to hack our network occurs, until the issues have been resolved. During this attack no data what so ever has been removed from our systems, however we must thoroughly investigate the issue before we can restore systems. Whilst we investigate the issue, we have taken this time to upgrade… Read more »

Server Upgrades

Due to increased demand on our systems, this afternoon we carried out a number of server upgrades. Whilst taking the time to increase the storage capacity on our servers, we upgraded the RAM and processing power of each of our servers. We also spent some time rearranging clients between servers, enabling us to be able to optimise the servers for peak performance for clients particular sites.By spreading resources in this way we will be able to improve performance… Read more »

Microsoft Word – Recovering Lost Documents

You’re sat there working hard, typing away late and night. Then disaster strikes! Your PC crashes or you accidentally hit delete… And in a flash, all your hard work vanishes right in front of your eyes. However, not to worry, you will just opened back up your saved… Oh wait! You haven’t saved it! You frantically check your downloads, desktop and my documents for a copy somewhere, but those efforts are wasted, as deep down, you… Read more »


Yes this isn’t a joke or a catch. Quite simply I am a small freelance web developer. I have fallen into managing several restaurant websites however I am looking to now move into and specialise in this area. In the past I have been known to “work for food” quite simply I ask the client to cover my costs to setup the site hosting, domain names and email address then in return for free food… Read more »

Service Upgrade Announcement

Over the next few days we will be upgrading all of our users to our new hosting platform. This will bring improved speed, performance and reliability, however users may experience intermittent downtime during this upgrade period. Whilst we will try to keep this downtime to an absolute minimum, we have been experiencing issue recently and feel it is best to upgrade all of our users to our new hosting platform and we felt its best… Read more »

Unplanned Service Downtime

Dear Valued Customers, Unfortunatly between the hours of 17:00 and 23:30 GMT on Wednesday 19th February 2014 we experienced unexpected and unforeseen down time on our Linux Server “Server1”. Regretably, users currently hosted on Server 1 may have experiences intermittent connectivity to 1 or more of their services during this time frame including, but not limited to, – Web Hosting – Email Accounts (Access & Retreival) – Domain Name Server Hosting The root cause of… Read more »

Hello There…

Welcome to our new website at This is our first post and to be honest it doesn’t say a great deal. However we wanted just to let you know a little bit about our company. We are a small 2 team of web developers with experience in graphics, software development, web based applications, pc/network and server hardware but most importantly, CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are committed to  driving prices down and retaining first class quality… Read more »