Web Hosting

Our hosting comes in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of requirements…

For those of you with very specific needs, wants or requirements, please email hosting@carbonyzed.co.uk however below are 3 off the shelf packages which will be up and running with 24hours of purchase…


£5/month or £50/year

Our simple business hosting plan is all you need to get yourself up and running with a business domain, email address and website. Priced at only £50/year this is our most affordable solution and perfect for small businesses with small and low resource hungry sites.

This solutions provides fast and reliable access to your website for potential customers and brings with it unbeatable IMAP, POP and Web access to your email account, so wherever you are you will be able to check your emails.

This plan includes;

  • 1 Website
  • 5GB Web Storage Space
  • 50GB Website Bandwidth
  • 1GB of Email Storage on 1 IMAP Email Account (Synchronised emails between computer, phone and webmail so you can check it wherever you are)


Go Monthly for £5/month

Go Annual for £50/year


£6/month or £60/year

The next step up, in the world of hosting. Our Advanced Business Hosting takes all of the aspects of our Simple Hosting Plan, and quite simply, advances on them. This solutions is ideal for users with more than one website, or those with more resource hungry sites, such as small online shops.

Crucially, this plan provides you with higher priority access to resources, meaning when it’s crunch time, you’ll be able to work faster than those on the simple hosting plan, as uploads and downloads will be even quicker than before.

This plan includes;

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 10GB Web Storage Space
  • 100GB Website Bandwidth
  • 5GB of Email Storage on up to 5 IMAP Email Accounts (Synchronised emails between computer, phone and webmail so you can check it wherever you are)


Go Monthly for £6/month

Go Annual for £60/year


£10/month or £100/year

The is the last step before it’s time to think about acquiring your own server. Our Premium Hosting was originally developed for users with Magento E-Commerce Platforms but is now open to any type of website. This solutions is designed for users with very resource hungry sites.

Crucially, this plan provides you with the highest priority access to resources. Your site will load quicker and handle user interaction that much quicker. Your site will be able to handle hundreds of users at any time without breaking a sweat.

This plan includes;

  • Ulimited Websites
  • 25GB Web Storage Space
  • Unlimited Website Bandwidth
  • 10GB of Email Storage on up to 10 IMAP Email Accounts (Synchronised emails between computer, phone and webmail so you can check it wherever you are)
  • SSL Certificate (for one site)


Go Monthly for £10/month

Go Annual for £100/year


We’re here to help! Once you’ve purchased your hosting plan, we’ll get it setup and activated within 24 hours, then a member of the team with email you with your details. If you need help getting things up and running just reply to that email and we’ll be happy to help you. If you’ve got any questions in the meantime, drop us an email at support@carbonyzed.co.uk



We never want to see anybody’s website go down for any reason, so we never cap bandwidth or storage space. Instead our systems are set to notify us so that we can contact you and arrange to increase this limit on your account. We will always try to find the most cost effective solutions, so we will carefully look and what resources you have been using and together we can make a decision on what the best options is, however, usually its just a simple case of upgrading to the next plan. However don’t fear, because usually this means your website is getting loads of visits and business is thriving.

Do you have any questions?

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