Email Accounts

We recognise that nobody wants an inferior email service which is why we only offer one type…

Our Platinum email package is clear and simple to understand, affordable and expandable !

This service includes the initial account setup and any relevant domain/DNS changes required. We will also provide all the settings you will need for setting these up on devices and detailed instructions for most major software/operating systems and mobiles.

£1 / Unit / Month

Accounts sizes come in 1GB increments and we call these units. So essentially its £1 per GB of storage per calendar month.

Each account may be a different size

and you can bump up your storage at any time!


– 1 account of 1GB = 1 Unit = £1/month

– 1 account of 5GB = 5 Units = £5/month

– 2 accounts of 2GB = 4 Units = £4/month

It’s simple right !

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