Domain Names

If you’re just starting out with a new business, or simply looking to develop or build upon your existing web presence online, getting the right domain is essential to achieving your aims and more importantly, your potential.

Our domain name acquisition and management fee’s are ONLY £15.00/year* which includes the purchasing, registering, set-up and continuous management of the domain and any required DNS changes.

Its important to check whether the name your wanting is available before you brand your business or start advertising the web address you want to use. We have added this little tool to help you search and see if your domain name is available or currently owned by somebody.


You can either buy and manage this domain yourself (we recommend or for a small fee we can purchase and manage this domain for you – unless you know what you are doing regarding DNS zone files, name servers and hosts, getting us to purchase and manage these domains for you is usually the most cost effective way to do things.

Please CONTACT US with your requirements, if you would like more information about registering a domain name, or would like us to register and manage a domain name for you for  ONLY £15.00/year* including
– purchasing
– registering
– set-up
– continuous management
– any required DNS changes.



* for .com and .org TLDs - other TLDs may be available but are subject to employee discretion

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