Microsoft Word – Recovering Lost Documents

You’re sat there working hard, typing away late and night. Then disaster strikes! Your PC crashes or you accidentally hit delete… And in a flash, all your hard work vanishes right in front of your eyes.

However, not to worry, you will just opened back up your saved… Oh wait! You haven’t saved it! You frantically check your downloads, desktop and my documents for a copy somewhere, but those efforts are wasted, as deep down, you know you haven’t saved a copy anywhere.

So what do you do?
Well here’s a few tips to point you in the right direction,

First of all, try saving all your open documents as new files somewhere (so you don’t overwrite anything) and then close down all your word windows and re-open word to see if auto-recovery comes up. If it does, your in luck, you will then be able to open and recover this document

If it doesn’t, then try close down word again and head to my computer, and search for .asd (auto save documents) looking for files that have been recently modified, also try .wbk (word backup) files on your PC. If you find a file that looks like it might be right, then right click and OPEN WITH and select Word… or Click OPEN and select “Select a program from a list” and chose Word… This usually does the trick.

If these don’t work it’s likely that you may have lost your file forever. However please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find it for you.

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