SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is exactly what it sounds like. It’s about making sure your site sits in the best possible place on (mainly) Google and Bing. It’s not just about getting your site high up on searches, it may not even be about getting people to visit your website – CTR / Click Through Rate –  but what’s most important is getting the best possible Conversion Rates.

Getting high conversion rates is all about driving high volumes of high quality traffic to your website. This will reduce your bounce rate which is the number of people not exploring your site when they land on it, and hopefully result in a greater number of people interacting with the site, whether it be reading or content or buying your products.

How is Search Engine Optimisation Done?

Search engine optimisation isn’t a one hit wonder, usually it takes months of tweaking and changing things to get to the goal and as the market changes and competitors improves their own SEO, your site will also need to be continuously updated, monitored and updated again and again as an ongoing process.

However, having said this whilst fine tuning things to get the best results, you have to be built on good solid foundations. Think of it like a racing car, it’s all well fine tuning your car to get the best out of it, but if your competing in Formula 1, then it’s no use starting with a Pergeot 206. In the same  way, the foundations and chassis of your site must be correctly built to work with.

Thankfully, unlike a car or a house, with a website, it is possible to go in and alter these “foundations” afterward. As such we can repair and improve sites which were not originally built with an SEO friendly approach in mind.

However, the simplest and easiest way to do this is to implement it within the original website design.

Implementing SEO from the Ground Upwards

If you’ve read the section above, you should now understand the importance of building good SEO friendly foundations for your website. It’s for this reason that with any site we build, we will ALWAYS pay close attention to detail to SEO and ensure your site is as SEO friendly to start with, so that whether your coming to us for ongoing SEO or if your going elsewhere, you can be sure that your site is ready to go from the word go !

Ongoing SEO… What do We Offer?

At CARBONYZED we offer ongoing SEO for a wide range of budgets, objectives, aims and expectations. We don’t have any fixed prices for this service for good reasons. Prices can range massively depending on so many factors, and fixed prices would mean smaller sites would end up subsidising some of the giants we work with.

We price our work on several factors however, ALWAYS on a performance related system. We will look at your current position and results and then offer you a performance related system with some easy, realistic and optimistic targets. However, we will always offer you the opportunity to CAP YOUR BUDGET, this will give us a level to work with however often leave you with more than your paying for.

How exactly do we do our SEO then?

We break down the SEO into two stages. First of all we have to decide on our 5 key words or phrases which we want to come up on search engines for. The best are usual the more specific ones to guarantee higher placement however you have to way up placement vs. the number of searches for that phrase. Its no good being number 1 if nobody is searching that. So try to put yourself in your customers shoes and try to think what would they be searching. 

Once we’ve established these we can get to work on the initial SEO overhaul. This takes usually around a day per site, going though each page with a fine toothcomb and also submitting all the necessary data to google and Microsoft bing search engines. Then each month we spend 1-2hours per site analysing the data collected by google analytics and making changes to the site in relation to the data to improve performance for the following month. Its this continious and ongoing operation thats the game changed between being on google and being at the top of google…

What are the costs?

These are out starting costs, the costs are clear and simple, and we hope its something thats affordable to you to make it worth while. It breaks down into a one off fee for the Initial Overhaul of £100 / site and then a £20/month service fee for every monthly analysis and update. As mentioned above this monthly fee can be upped if you have a larger budget and a larger goal in mind…

How can you keep track of us?

Its simple, the numbers will speak for themselves. We’re so confident in our own ability that we’re offering a money back guarantee.

Every month when we complete our analysis, we will email over an SEO report with data from google analytics and a brief overview of what we’ve changed and modified in light of the data for the next month. These will be sent with an invoice for the month, if however when you receive your data your not happy with the results. Simply email us back with some feedback to let us know your not happy and forget about the invoice.

What’s Your SEO Score?

See how optimized a specific web page, landing page, or blog post is for a exact keyword or phrase.

Please CONTACT US and provide us with some details of your site/project aims and expectations or any questions you may have which we can help you with.


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