House Rules

WiFi / Internet

WiFi internet is available by connecting to either or

using the password

The signal is strong throughout the entire house, however from time to time the internet connection my drop out. Unfortunately this is just a case of waiting for it to come back online.

Pool Info

Bars & Restaurants


Supermarkets, Shopping & Markets


There are a number of shops and large supermarkets all within easy walking distance of the house. Below is a list of some of the closes and our favourites.

Just 500m from the property.
Go out of the front door and turn right, then right and down the steps to the gate. Go out of this gate and turn right up the street and walk all the way to the end of the street, continuing straight on past any left and right turns. You will reach a T-Junction with an overpass/footbridge ahead of you. Turn/look left and you will see the Lidl

Click here to a link to directions on google maps

Important / Useful Numbers (Emergency etc.)

All around Europe the international emergency services number is


You can use this and all operators speak English fluently. Just like in England you then ask for Police / Ambulance or Fire etc.

Keys / Access Codes

All the gate access codes are

KEY SYMBOL followed by 1 2 3 4 5

All the gates also have buzzers on so you can press these to get out without needing the key.