Stinky Stuff

As a local business were looking for local web & IT experts to help take their growing business to the next level and move things international.

New Servers

With over 2000 users a week, their existing servers were struggling to cope with the volume of traffic they were receiving and unknowingly to them, massively impacting on their sales. By moving the site to our Amazon AWS hosting platform, we were able to assist them in reaching over 20’000 users a month on their .CO.UK site alone.


Downtime Protection – Load Balancing, Failover & Return

Downtime costs money, there is no doubt about that. Which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that Stinky-Stuff are protected from downtime in every way possible. If for whatever reason their primary servers are unable to deliver the website to their end users our sophisticated network of load balancers will automatically redirect users to an alternate server to deliver a seamless server ensuring no loss of sales.


New North America Website

We’ve also now launch a separate site for their North American market at and as part of this we’ve had to implement some Geolocation tools, identifying users IP addresses and offering up prompts to being redirected to the most appropriate site if they’ve accidentally followed a link the wrong one. Unlike some websites (which automatically redirect you) we wanted to give users the choice. So if you’re on holiday whilst browsing, or shopping for a friend of family in a different country, you’ll always have the choice to shop on the site you want to.

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