Hyperlapse Videos

What is Hyperlapse?
Hyperlapse is a new technology that creates smooth and stabilized time lapses from first-person videos. Want to show people what it looks like to take a walk around your business? or how to find your business with a super smooth view? Give your customers that hands on 1st person experience. With Hyperlapse, you can time lapse your videos, distilling them into easily consumable, enjoyable experiences.

How Does it Work?
With hyperlapse, we can take either raw 1st person video footage, or 1st person timelapse footage and run it through our hyperlapse software to create amazing results. The process is quite hungry and takes a little while and so we often leave it running overnight on one of our media servers.

What Are Your Options
We offer two options when it comes to Hyperlapsing, either send us your footage and well edit, Hyperlaspe and send it back to you.
Or for truly amazing results let us come and capture that footage for your – after all we’ve got experience in this… We’ll then edit and Hyperlapse that footage and get it back to you ready for you to use.

And remember…
…as with all our services, we’ll also happily help you embed the footage on your website, blog, youtube, newsletter or wherever else you want to share it…

Take a look at some of our Hyperlapse footage below

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